WissionTalks - A motivational initiative by Wissenaire

We provide a platform for the
young to achieve high
About Wissenaire
WissionTalks is a motivational initiative by Wissenarie. WissionTalks aims at motivating the young who aspire to change the world. We believe that this initiative will make you bounce off the walls, build up aspirations, inspire you to achieve & to dial back the hurdles WissionTalks will set you on pace.

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Previous Speakers
  • Aditya Ramakrishna
  • Alok Maheshwar
  • Amit Mundada
  • Anil Kumar Reddy
  • Anshul Sinha
  • Anubhav Bhatnagar
  • Ashok kanna
  • Chakrapani Anumula
  • Diwakar Singh
  • Dr. Suhas B Shetty
  • Praveen Dorna
  • Priyanka Narula
  • Rahul Tirumalapragada
  • Tanushree Ishani
Our Partners
Our objective can be procured when we connect our hands with various organizations, companies and do share a common idea. (our efforts and their encouragement, meet our partners)