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WISSIONTALKS is all about preparing you to achieve high.

Wissiontalks, a place where we give wings to your dreams

WissionTalks is a motivational initiative by Wissenarie. Founded by Prudhvi Tammana. WissionTalks is a strong platform where you are connected and motivated by the talks of veterans of diversified fields. WissionTalks is a stage that exhibits every out of ordinary speakers from fields including entertainment, entrepreneurship, sports, arts, etc.

WissionTalks is a growing talk show extending its branches in more than 35 cities in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Bangalore and inspiring more than 10000 people. Emphasizing student motivation WissionTalks platform has conducted workshops in more than 25 colleges in all three states. We are growing as an alliance including youth from various environments.

The vision of WissionTalks is #NenuLocal. Which represents the young as the localities of India who are working to build a strong nation.

WissionTalks aims at motivating the young who aspire to change the world. We believe that this initiative will make you bounce off the walls. Building up aspirations and inspiring you to achieve & to dial back the hurdles, WissionTalks will set you on pace.

With regional language coverage, we come closer to you, bringing to you the people, who learned from mistakes, made them their stepping stones and got up the ladder of success.

About The Wissenarie

Wissenarie is an organization which is expanding globally to support and develop startups. It acts as a bridge between the students and the startup culture. We help young entrepreneurs to expertise and learn required business skills and tactics to thrive in business. We connect one startup with others to develop teamwork in order to promote their products in various fields. We give a platform to young entrepreneurs who aspire to the development of the startup community. Wissenarie aims to involve students across India in various startup-related activities and entrepreneurial programs. The main aim of Wissenarie is to encourage students to start their own business and get mentored under the industrial leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. For this task execution, we encourage the aspirations of startup enthusiasts so that they convert their ideas into business.

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EDITS unfolds as Entrepreneurship, Design, Innovation, Technology, and Science. This theme of WissionTalks enhances the skill through experiments, and experiences. Entrepreneurship holds leadership, design and innovation holds the idea and it’s execution, technology and science clenches the knowledge of technological changes in the society. We emphasize and upskill the intelligence in the young leaders. Creativity, and knowledge sharing through skill development sessions will nurture and shape dreamer for the reality.


"Spark Talks" is a talk show which primarily focuses on the technological start-up environment. There are a lot of technological start-up companies coming up, but there is low level of awareness and talking in the technological field as compared to the business and other start-ups. company, but it will also improve and supplement the growing needs of normal business start-ups. Through Spark Talks, We conduct complete Talks on technology,we conduct seminars, webinars focusing on technological skill development.


Untold stories are the dairy pages to success. Because we believe in to live a life with less filter, WissionTalks brings to you stories from fizzled out attempts to triumph of victory. The stories of businesses that crashed down and burned the partnership deals that went sour, and the product that had been called off. Through talks, webinars, podcasts, etc. we are trying to celebrate the learning from failures instead of stigmatizing it.


In Wission Talks, by bringing together key "The Change-makers" such as educational scholars,next-generation entrepreneurs, and other industry mentors, it creates collaborative platform for young entrepreneurial enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs on sustainable development goals and climate change to start and grow their business strategy with remarkable outcomes to celebrate and promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship