Our vision is #NenuLocal– Versatile Visionaries. NenuLocal means, I am localite of India. I represent myself as Indian as a localities of this country who is working for a strong vision in “Nation Building “. Social entrepreneurs, industry experts, artisans, startup entrepreneurs, artists, technology professionals, and other diversified domain mentors all together make this talk Versatile Visionaries.


Everyone’s got talent don’t they? The thing is every one will possess a unique talent but digging it from their veins is the toughest task for any!
But here comes ours ” Wission talks” with an initiative to inculcate and bring out the hidden talent from everyone by enlightening and motivating them through a series of talks by experienced professionals who are forerunners in their respective fields.

In case if you are wondering how to cope with the speakers and if you have any problems matching with their intellect? Don’t worry we are here to help you out and make sure that you learn unique things and stay on the right path towards your success . Wondering how we do that? Team “Wissenarie” will be bringing the most qualified and highly renowned and successful people from your native place or places nearby.


  • Access to talk’s sessions
  • Vision Enhancement and Aspirations Building
  • Network Relation with speakers
  • Capacity Management, Real Stories Connect
  • Awareness of concepts and themes driven by speakers.
  • Certificate will be perks to the attendees and along with these perks this talk will help in knowledge sharing


Full Access
Vision Enhancement
Network Relation
Capacity Management
  • Success

Success makes sense

The point is where ever you go there will be atleast a person with a success story in that place and we bring such people so that you can follow their steps and apply the same for your growth in fields of development both personally and professionally!

Cheers let us meet on the most curated talks of the city “Wission Talks Days ” For our first talk

See you there!

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